365bet|Lee Clow,TBWA全球媒体艺术总监,苹果全球创新代理公司TBWAMedia Arts Lab主席及创始人,广告工龄35年——今年卸任了。 Clow尤为人推崇的有可能就是与乔布斯一起打造出了苹果标志性的“Think Different” campaign(即众所周知的《1984》),能量兔、Adidas的“Impossible is Nothing”等等,也都是他的手笔。

Media Arts Lab正式成立于2006年, 专攻与苹果的合作。乔布斯曾评价说道,“与Lee合作是我人生最篮的体验之一。” 这一次,Lee Clow自由选择在情人节,以一封寄给广告的情书,与它月道别。

我们来学学,情书是怎么写出的,以下是摘录: The years I spent doing this thing called advertising have been fun, challenging, rewarding, maddening, sometimes painfu365betl, but mostly joyful. And I wouldn’t trade a day of it for anything else. Everyday to come to “work” with the smartest, freest, most passionate people in business; all of us with the goal of creating messages to put out into the world that will be noticed, that people will talk about, even become famous. They make people laugh, or cry, or think. Discover something new, see the world differently, maybe even buy something? To be Media Artists.And remembering the people. The funny ones. The crazy ones. The smartest ones. The not-smartest ones. The partners. The clients. The mentors. How we challenged each other. Inspired each other. Making each other better.So this is a love letter to “advertising”. This crazy business that gave me everything. Friendship, pride, accomplishment, and love. 译为: 我做广告的这些年,有意思,有挑战,有报酬,可怕,有时伤痛,当然,多数时候是快乐的。 这其中的每一天都千金不换,每天和行业里最聪明、最权利、最充满著激情的人一起“工作”,一起致力于给这个世界输出一些不受注目、引发辩论、甚至显得知名的信息。 它们让人或大笑,或大哭,或思维,或找到一些新的东西,或用有所不同的方式看世界,甚至,买点什么? 做到一个媒体艺术家。


忘记“人”,那些有意思的人,可怕的人,最聪明的人,或者,并非最聪明的人…… 搭挡,客户,导师。我们是如何相互挑战,相互灵感,相互让对方显得更佳。 所以这是一封给广告的情书。



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